Date:2019-07-22 11:32
WARNER architecture studio is an American architectural design and consulting firm that has been providing quality consulting and design services to a wide range of health, work and lifestyle projects in China and the United States.

In China, WARNER architecture studio collection of Chinese and western processes and advanced concepts, localization to the ground and the innovation, the facilities of the early stage of the strategic planning and the planning and design of infrastructure construction and interior design as the core of the swimmer, create both international standard for the Chinese owners and construction suitable for China's health care and pension facilities, and in the field of medical a combination of Chinese architecture development.

Take the nanjing international hospital project as an example, in which WARNER architecture studio provides complete medical design consultancy and architectural scheme design services. The comfortable medical environment, high standard medical facilities and the international service process of nanjing international hospital explain the design concept of "patient-centered". Six centers of excellence have been established in this project. By combining international advanced thinking with mechanism innovation, it aims to build a domestic leading and international first-class hospital integrating medical treatment, preventive care, medical education and scientific research, with remarkable international characteristics and strong specialty advantages. Nanjing international hospital, which is certified by JCI, can ensure the leading position in navigation after completion.

It is reported, the early stage of the project, WARNER architecture studio is mainly studying the functional area of the configuration and design preparation, early, WARNER architecture studio alliance with international operations consultant team of the American medical PHI cooperation together, and with the domestic experienced medical operations manager and the team needs to communicate fully, sums up the operational differences between China and the United States, sorting and determine suitable for the international medical service concept and function of this hospital configuration. Medical function following the international process design form taking patients as the center of the six major centre of excellence (COE) at the same time, considering the Chinese general hospital medical practices and the overall balance of operating costs, consider each center of excellence, large medical clinics and inspection, rehabilitation, such as the function of the contact, achieve the maximum level of patients as the center and at the same time, operating costs, comprehensive balance to the greatest extent to ensure an orderly and efficient utilization of medical resources.

Nanjing Internatinal Hospital

On the external space design, WARNER architecture studio in light of the characteristics of land tensions, design layout scheme adopts closed type, lower outpatient medical complex building and ward floor, north of the south multidisciplinary center formed around the healing garden landscape, green roof and facade image one integrated mass, form the eco-friendly hospital environment and image.

For preliminary design and construction drawing the deepening process of WARNER architecture studio is the role of the medical process design consultants, communication both sides operations team to departments and use requirements of the room, provide data table room, to provide guidelines for designing institute as the construction and interior design, ensure good health care function operation principle of multilateral cooperation to promote the development of the project. In terms of medical operation and room use, it is easy to find different procedures caused by different usage habits in China and the United States. Through repeated coordination and communication, WARNER architecture studio not only determines the best use requirements of the future operation team of nanjing international hospital in China and the United States, but also meets the requirements of international standards for medical procedures.

In terms of the layout of medical functions, WARNER architecture studio is designed according to the international service flow. The setting of multiple centers of excellence changes the traditional mode of setting outpatient medical technology separately. According to the characteristics of different centers of excellence, vertical or horizontal medical functions are directly connected to create three-dimensional medical centers.

Nanjing Internatinal Hospital

It is worth mentioning that throughout the planning and design process, WARNER architecture studio's design Suggestions have been highly consistent with party a's goals and received good feedback from party a. WARNER architecture studio marketing director Peng Lei mentioned, very much looking forward to the nanjing international hospital completion of the project, looking forward to after the completion of the nanjing international hospital can meet in jiangsu province and even the area around the demand for high-end international medical patients, bring significant economic benefits at the same time, the formation impetus demonstration effect to the promotion of social medical service, the diversity of medical environment to provide more possible for the people.