Date:2019-07-22 11:05
Today, when the Chinese people's demand for high-end medical institutions is "blowout", how to establish a localized international hospital is still a big challenge for hospital builders. Looking back on the past experience, domestic medical construction institutions often lack an international perspective, while foreign construction units generally have a partial understanding of China's national conditions, which is difficult to be implemented. Faced with the "dilemma" of the construction of China international hospital, warner hongya can provide a satisfactory solution.

WARNER architecture studio is an architectural design and consulting firm based in the United States. It has been operating in China for many years.

WARNER architecture studio business relating to health, work and life of the early stage of the strategic planning, overall planning, architectural design and interior design, and other fields, enters China, by means of collection of Chinese and western processes and advanced ideas for indigenous innovation, the facilities of the early stage of the strategic planning and planning, infrastructure, architecture design and interior design, facility operation simulation and facilities after use assessment as the core of the swimmer, create both international standard for the Chinese owners and construction suitable for China's health care and pension facilities, and in the field of medical a combination of Chinese architecture development.

In terms of medical architecture consulting and design, four advantages propel warner hong industry to forge ahead:

1. Focus on the customization of pre-planning combined with operation plan, making hospital planning more tailored;
2. Build exclusive international medical institutions by combining Chinese and western medical processes and characteristics;
3. The architectural design fully respects the regionality and culture, and creates the medical architectural space endowed with culture;
4. The combination of architecture and interior, through the integrated design concept, fully consider the patient's experience, and create a healing space that respects the patient.

WARNER architecture studio has been providing clients with comprehensive medical design consulting and architectural design services for many years. In order to build an ideal international medical institution for the clients, WARNER architecture studio has always been highly integrated with the operation from the preliminary planning to the innovative design. Through careful control of the details and services, the efficient implementation and localization of the international hospital construction. In the construction project of nanjing international hospital, warner hongye aims to build a Chinese international hospital integrating medical treatment, preventive care, medical education and scientific research by combining international thinking with mechanism innovation. From the aspects of medical operation and room use, repeated coordination and communication between China and the United States resulted in different procedures caused by different usage habits, so as to determine the most suitable room procedures for domestic operation teams and meet international standards.