SGHI (Sun yat-sen Global Health Institute, hereinafter referred to as SGHI) healthcare system consulting team consists of some core members of the Global Health research center of Sun yat-sen university. Team members have rich experience in market research, strategic planning of medical institutions, business development, clinical project planning, medical quality assessment, cost-benefit analysis, equipment planning and human resource development. SGHI team members are particularly interested in the development of medical institutions that have both commercial and social value. Team through international collaboration and innovation cooperation mode in medical fields such as research, fusion has carried out a number of international research, consultation and education projects, university hospitals in Kerr du and Katmandu, Nepal, Nepal national institutes of health, the United States, global health, harvard school of public health at the university of Washington and London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, medical development team has established the good relations of cooperation. Currently, SGHI has the following medical related research and consulting projects in Nepal, sub-saharan Africa, and southeast Asia:


  • Angola medical cluster consulting project, 2018.7-2018.11, Angola
  • Kenya cancer center consultation program, 2018.11-2019.6, Kenya
  • Evaluation of guangdong medical aid policy in Ghana -- based on the perspective of sending doctors, June 2015-june 2016, Ghana and guangzhou
  • Training program for primary medical personnel in underdeveloped areas, university of Kathmandu, Nepal, September 2018
  • In 2018, SGHI, as one of the 10 invited institutions of China's global health, submitted to China's international economic and technical exchanges the project concept of south-south cooperation assistance fund, and planned to carry out the assistance project of building basic medical services in Nepal.
  • Karnali zonei comprehensive social security and health program for children under 5 years of age, Nepal, October 2009-february 2015
  • Feeding method improvement program for premature infants in different countries during hospitalization, 2013.9-2014.12, Denmark, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, guangdong province of China, New Zealand, Nigeria and Taiwan of China Project to improve the health status and health services of Chinese floating population in Kenya, December 2015-december 2016, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Jusui African health and health service utilization project, 2015.1- present, guangzhou
  • Assessment of the impact of extreme ambient temperature on population health and adaptive strategies in the context of climate change, 2016.9-2018.8, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Bangladesh, China
  • Assessment of long-term health effects of humanitarian migration in Australia, 2013.10-2019.3, Australia
  • Diabetes management program, Nepal, May 2019.5-present, doolickel, Nepal
  • Nepal hypertension management capacity improvement project, march, 2019.3-present, doolickel, Nepal
  • Health testing and health education system for school-age children in Nepal, doolickel, Nepal
  • Training programs for grassroots medical personnel in underdeveloped areas. Key members of SGHI team went to Kathmandu university of Nepal to carry out grassroots medical training for medical workers.
  • Evaluation and consultation on the project of universal medical insurance coverage in South Korea, August 2013-july 2014, United States
  • Consultation on health promotion project for tobacco workers in Brazil, August 2013-july 2014, United States



Dong (Roman) Xu
Distinguished researcher

Xu dong has more than 20 years of consulting and research experience in the medical and health field. He has served in the national medical association, multinational high-tech medical device companies, harvard hospital consulting institutions, and the medical industry foundation. Currently engaged in the research of medical quality and medical service mode, including the innovation of the medical quality measurement (such as standardized patients), the improvement of the quality of service (such as mobile phone based virtual patient's ability to ascend), as well as the patient centered medical service pattern of group (such as the treatment group of new medical model, diabetes, continuity of medical service mode, etc.). Xu dong is familiar with Chinese and foreign medical markets, and has participated in strategic consulting, business structure, clinical discipline and project planning, medical and management personnel recruitment and training, equipment planning, and service process reengineering of many large medical institutions.

West China medical university (now sichuan university) bachelor's degree
Harvard Kennedy school of government master's degree
University of Washington global health

Director, international Asia Pacific, harvard medical school, Harvard University
Chief representative of China medical foundation
Medtronic senior health systems analyst
Assistant director of international liaison department of Chinese medical association

Center for oncology, university of Nairobi, Kenya | Nairobi China railway integrated medical project, Angola 
Beijing tongzhou medical city | Pudong branch of huashan hospital 
Affiliated hospital of xinjiang medical university | Xiamen university fubang international hospital

Hao Chun
Associate professor

Hao chun has rich experience in market investigation of health-related projects. He has participated in qualitative and quantitative field investigation and data analysis of projects in China, Nepal, Africa and the United States. As a Takemi Fellow at the harvard school of public health, he participated in the assessment of universal health insurance coverage in Korea, the health promotion project for tobacco workers in Brazil, and the health service policy and practice project in Mexico. Currently, we are engaged in related projects to promote the utilization of health services in different communities. Hao chun is familiar with market research related to medical and health services, and participates in market or background analysis, field research, data analysis and report writing of several medical consulting services and research projects.

Bachelor degree, China medical university
Master's degree, Chinese center for disease control and prevention
Ph.D., Chinese university of Hong Kong

Postdoctoral fellow at the university of Maryland school of public health
Harvard school of public health TakemiFellow

Development project of iron medical cluster in Nairobi, Angola
oncology centre, university of Nairobi, Kenya
Korea universal health insurance coverage assessment consulting
Brazil tobacco workers health promotion project
Guangdong healthy city project | Zhuhai healthy city project

Li Jinghua
Associate professor

Associate professor, school of public health, sun yat-sen university. Li has extensive experience in mathematical modeling and cost-benefit analysis. He has served as a program officer of the Chinese/UK program of the Chinese center for STD/AIDS, Chinese center for disease control and prevention, and has extensive overseas work experience, including the population health center of BurnetInstitute in Australia and the Chinese university of Hong Kong. Currently, I am engaged in health economics evaluation related projects of health services, and participate in cost-benefit analysis and business investment return analysis of several medical-related research projects and consulting service projects.

Tsinghua university double bachelor | Master of science, university of Tokyo
Ph.D., Chinese university of Hong Kong

Postdoctoral fellow, Chinese university of Hong Kong
Assistant researcher, population health center, Burnet Institute, Australia

Cancer center, university of Nairobi, Kenya
Policy analysis program for grassroots health care gatekeepers
Cost-effectiveness of health services in China and Asian countries
Evaluation of "Internet + comprehensive AIDS prevention service system" in guangzhou
Nepal diabetes management program

Gu Jing

Professor, department of medical statistics, school of public health, sun yat-sen university. With rich experience in market survey, I am familiar with various survey design, sampling method, sample size calculation, questionnaire design, data statistics and analysis methods, etc. I have presided over a number of national and provincial projects, designed a number of large-scale field survey projects, and served as project evaluation experts and statistical consulting experts in a number of tertiary medical institutions. At present, I am engaged in large-scale investigation and intervention projects to promote the use of health services for different groups of people. As the project leader, I carry out the medical and health-related projects of multinational immigrants in guangzhou, and participate in the design and analysis of a number of surveys covering the whole province.

Bachelor of zhongshan medical university | Master of sun yat-sen university
Doctor, Chinese university of Hong Kong

Adjunct assistant professor, Chinese university of Hong Kong
Visiting scholar of Washington university and Hopkins university

Center for oncology, university of Nairobi, Kenya
Guangzhou multinational immigrant medical and health project
Guangdong healthy city project | Zhongshan healthy city project 
AIDS chronic disease management program

Zhang Yuan
Radiotherapy doctor

Doctor of radiotherapy department, cancer prevention and treatment center, sun yat-sen university, young member of radiotherapy branch of guangdong medical association. Dr. Zhang yuan has been engaged in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of tumors for nearly ten years. She has rich experience in tumor clinical diagnosis and treatment, and is familiar with the business structure, clinical disciplines and project planning of large general hospitals. Academic papers have been published in top international journals such as the New England journal of medicine (NEJM) and have influenced international clinical guidelines.

Bachelor of zhongshan medical college, sun yat-sen university
Center for cancer prevention and control, sun yat-sen university, master/doctor

Postdoctoral doctor/physician, cancer prevention center, sun yat-sen university

Center for oncology, university of Nairobi, Kenya




Alan J. Warner has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare design globally. Following his arrival in China in 2008, Alan has worked to develop an international standard of innovative healthcare design by synergistically blending the positive aspects of Chinese and western healthcare. By advocating for patients in regard to the highest standard of medical treatments and patient experience has led to multiple projects that express clarity in the treatment process and yet leads to a warm and comfortable healing environments.

The University of Virginia: Master of Architecture  | The Ohio State University:  Master of Arts in History of Art
Bachelor of Science in Architecture  | Oxford University,England: Certificate of Architectural Study

AIA Kentucky Award and Healthcare Design Award for University of Kentucky, Chandler Pavilion
AIA Ohio President's Award for service to AIA Ohio

University of Kentucky Medical Center  Cincinnati Children's Hospital  | Suzhou New District Hospital
Nanjing Internatinal Hospital | Binzhou People’s Hospital | Xuchang Central Hospital
Yinchuan International Medical City Interior Design


Senior Medical Planer
AIA , ACHA  , Certified Medical Planner

John w. Rogers is an American medical planner and hospital infrastructure manager with over 30 years of experience in hospital design and hospital infrastructure management. He is also the founding founder and current chairman of the American institute of medical architects and a senior member of the board of directors of the American institute of architects. John has worked for more than 30 years at Cincinnati children's hospital medical center, where he has designed and directed more than $3 billion worth of new projects and renovations. John is a certified medical planner whose responsibilities include planning services that meet the mission of the hospital and providing health care, financial and medical funding parameters at five campuses and 84 facilities in the three states where Cincinnati children's hospital operates. John has played a leading role in sourcing and implementing innovative design, architectural services, and cost reduction and consideration processes, and has helped support the Cincinnati children's hospital brand in planning, architectural design, interior design, artwork, visual and graphic development.

University of Cincinnati - College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning
Bachelor of Architecture

Outstanding Young Kentuckian |American Legion Award |Chamber of Commerce Award |Who’s Who in the Midwest
Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America |Who’s Who Among Young Professionals in America
AIA Cincinnati Service Award|AIA Ohio Distinguished Service Award

Fellow of American Institute of Architects |Fellow and Founding Member of American College of Healthcare Architects 
Certified Medical Planner  |40 Years Healthcare Planning and Design Experience |Leadership Experience of 40+ staff
Leadership experience of Teams of architects, engineers and multiple consultants
Extensive network of experts in healthcare worldwide |Corporate Architect


Senior Medical Planer

As a medical process planner and medical function planner, Jeanette Dean provides functional and process planning services for hospitals of all sizes. She has rich experience in international hospital planning, serving projects in Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar and other places.

The Ohio State University - Bachelor of Arts - 1981 | Field of Study: Construction and De-sign

Programming and Functional Planning for the Medical College of Louisiana, New Orleans
Schematic Design through Construction Documents for the Southwest Louisiana Health Care System Project Legacy
Programming and Schematic Design for the Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic, Columbus, Ohio
Programming, Schematic Design, and Design Development for the Shawnee Mission Medical Center ICU, Emergency Department, Surgery addition, Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Schematic Design for Orthopedic, Children’s & Rehabilitation Hospitals as part of the Hamad Medical City, Doha, Qatar
Schematic Design for the National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital, Taipei City, Taiwan
Programming for the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
Programming for Tzu Chi Foundation Hospitals in Hsientien and Taichung, Taiwan
Schematic Design for the Dogus Medical Center, Istanbul, Turkey
Schematic Design and Design Development for Royale Hayat Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Kuwait City, Kuwait.
Programming for Weihai Rehab hospital, China

Traditional Chinese public facilities programming : Chinese codes determine total area and total investment based on lump-sum investments, is more tend to be based on the construction scale, rather than based on operational business plan. 

US hospital or healthcare facility planning process shall be based on operational plan. 

Traditionally, the space program was the only documentation preceding facility design and construction. Today, operational planning precedes space planning, and one document ― the functional and space program ― combines the results of both processes.